2023 Hair Trends

2023 Hair Trends

Whether you are seeking a dramatic transformation or simply looking to refresh your current look, these 2023 hair trends offer a little something for everyone. We are seeing a fascinating fusion of nostalgic styles, innovative techniques, and bold self-expression, taking the hair game to new heights. Get ready to be inspired by Lively Salon’s list, as we dive into the cutting-edge hairstyles and colours that are taking the world by storm, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and turn heads wherever you go!

Gemini Hair

Dual tones of very striking clashing colour shades are going to be dominating the year 2023. Reflecting the essence of the twins in the zodiac, you can showcase a person’s duality with various colour combinations, like purple and neon blue or fuchsia and dark blue. Gorgeous black and beautiful blond. You can split the colours horizontally or vertically.

Shades of Red

Red is trending! With so many shades to choose from—strawberry blond and copper lustre to bright red—selecting the perfect tone and daring to go red has never been easier. If you are not sure what shade will work best for you, our expert hairstylists can help.

Not sure how to choose the right hairstyle? Here’s some help.

Bixie Cut

If you love short and romantic and are enthralled by Marilyn Monroe, the Bixie cut is the perfect choice. It is a fusion of a bob and a pixie cut that features short waves that really nail the Monroe-esque appeal. This bold cut creates a statement for the whole world to see.

Long Wavy Hair

Soft, romantic waves, and others adorned with intricate braids or playful twists, this hairstyle allows you to express both your gentle and bold sides simultaneously. Long hair is eternally gorgeous because you cannot go wrong if you go long. Whether it is the natural way or immediate with hair extensions, having long hair is not that difficult nowadays, but it always creates a very effective look.

If you need a professional hairdresser’s help to achieve the desired length and hairstyle, get in touch with Lively Salon this season and make sure your personality boldly shines through. Schedule the perfect cut and colour at 403-380-4680 and switch up your style by adding some liveliness and zest!

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